Captive Portals

What is Captive Portal (CP)?

If you have a venue or a store, or any place where you can install standard Internet, you can let your customers to use your Internet connection for their private purposes. Why won't go further with this? The idea of CP is simple. You give your customers access to free Internet, but before they get it, they will see the website of your choice. You can then divert all traffic throught your website. The first page which will open on their laptops / mobile phones will be the one you chose for them. More than that. You can prepare a virtual in-store offer like on the picture. Then your customers have a choice of selecting any from your offers or just simply continue to browse the Internet.

How can I use it?

Imagine you own a restaurant. You can deliver a virtual menu to your customers with videos and pictures to present your courses on your customers' own mobile devices. You can do it with any sort of business you run. Attract your customers with new opportunities the science has brought.

Can I make any money on it?

Of course you can. There are three ways of doing it. The first one, probably the most popular - you can charge your customers for using the Internet connection. Well, it's a bit oldfashioned and not always works, especially when nowadays the Internet is very cheap. We suggest other ways. You can put adverts on the first page which appears to your customers after joining your free network. Then you can make revenue on the advertisers on per click or par view basis. All traffic can be counted. We mentioned about three possibilities... Well, the third one is quite obvious. You present your own offer by rediverting traffic to your website. This will give you more visitors, which as prospects can turn into customers.

What else can I use a Captive Portal for?

It's difficult to count possibilities you can use a CP for. You can use an online form to collect data from your customers for your marketing purposes. You may run surveys, share your music, videos, photos, software, promotional e-brochures, barcodes. Really, sky's the limit.

How much does it cost?

It depends. Mainly from the amount of work and the website you want to redirect the transfer to. We present some of solutions below, so you can choose which one will work the best for you:

  • simple option = access point (hardware) + redirection to the website of your choice. Prices start from £299
  • in-store portal option = access point (hardware) + redirection to specially created, dedicated for mobile devices webpage with your local offers. Prices start from £399
  • in-store portal option with CMS = access point (hardware) + redirection to specially created, dedicated for mobile devices webpage with your local offers + Content Management System, which will allow you to update your offers whenever you need it. Prices start from £699

How does the installation proceed?

It's very easy. All you need to do is plug a special access point, which you will receive from us to your Internet line or existing wireless or wired router, plug it to mains and that's it.

For larger network installations we cooperate with Bluepod Media Worldwide Ltd, one of the world's leaders in proximity marketing solutions.

For more details please contact us.