Mobile Websites

We would like to offer you a creation of a mobile version of any sort of website. Nowadays the world goes mobile. If we won't follow it, we will lose a huge part of prospects. Almost all mobile devices on the market can open the same pages, the same media as regular desktop computers. Unfortunately the screen size is something you can't overcome.

We have 5 years of experience in creating mobile webistes for smartphones. Our staff has a strong background previously working with the biggest companies in the world, such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others. Our priorities are - ease of navigation, compatibility, small size optimised files for faster navigation and a quality artwork.

Prices of mobile website vary of the amount of work, pages and assets used, but you can have a simple one-page mobile website from just £ 99.

All mobile websites we produce may contain a video player, quality pictures, on-site animations. All projects are SEO-optimised, which means, all websites we build, even the mobile ones, are easily being found by search engines and are positioned high in the rank. What does it mean? Your customer fill find you easier and quicker. This will most probably positively affect your business.