Marketing Solutions

We are experts in online and offline marketing and management support. We specialise both in web marketing as well as business consulting, planning and analysis for online and offline activity. We helped to grow many companies from digital media and mobile marketing agencies through fashion brands, audio visual rental house, nightclubs to traditional clothes manufacturing company. We successfully use our knowledge and experience in the following areas: 

Google AdWords

An unbelievably and underestimated potential of pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords programme. In some businesses it can help you grow by hundreds of %. Never tried that? It's time to do so. Using AdWords your offer may appear on top of search results, but be careful. There are many things you need to avoid here.

Display advertising

If your offer includes something you want to show to your prospects, this is one of the best options. A must for companies like fashion brands. Display advertising bombards visitors with your ads, which result in better brand recognition. A long term process to build brand awareness. But it's definitely worth investment.

Social media advertising

They say: "if you are not on Facebook you don't exist". That's actually true. Many companies use Facebook to communicate with clients. It's not an ideal scenario if you run your business only on Facebook, but nowadays it's a big part of every enterprise. And not only facebook. Instagram is becoming more and more popular and Google+ apparenly awards users in better position in search results.

Marketing strategy

We specialise in building marketing strategy for online and offline activities. Let us help you define your mission and vision, build a long term plans or improve your existing plan. Our experts are here to help. With thousands of ideas, thinking outside the box and seeing a big picture - this is what we do.

Business consulting

If you want to start a new business, or you need to improve your existing one - get in touch with us for useful tips. We can help find new markets, new customers, new channels or simply improve the ones you already explore. This area is dedicated mainly for offline users. 

Planning & analysis

It's very important to collect data of everything you do in the business. Believe us or not - sooner or later you will need them. By following your users, their actions, comparing this with the current market changes you can achieve more than you think. Be a step ahead, build a competitive advantage and take the next step before others. 

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