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Website design

We specialize in website design and development. We can develop a small one-page site as well as an advanced multipage portal. On request we can build a CMS (content management system), so you can update your page yourself whenever you need. During the development process we take care of new trends as well as new technologies. All websites we create are built in the newest standards, optimised for all devices and browsers.

Tailor-made design

Our tailored projects are designed directly for each Customer, as we believe that only an individual approach can match real needs. Our designers work directly with every Client for the best experience of the final product.


All our websites are built in new bootstrap technology. We take special care of mobile devices, as nowadays "the world goes mobile". Most of Internet users browse we through mobile devices. It's very important to make sure all websites are mobile-friendly.

SEO friendly

We follow SEO rules, to make sure your page meets all search optimisation standards and may appear higher in search results. As high you are, as more visitors you will have. And of course - more customers = more money. This is a crucial element in running any sort of business.

Live statistics

Keep an eye on your visitors. Make sure you know who they are. Then you can personalise your offers, make changes to your website, adjust it accordingly. Using Google Analytics stats, you can find out a lot of interesting things, such as demographics, geo-location of your visitors, their age, interests and even time spent on your website or path they go through before they reach the contact page. You can also find out how many visitors are on your website at this very moment.

Google Business Tools

A very important part of SEO (search engine optimisation) process is being present on google. That includes Google MyBusiness profile, Google Maps and a few other pages you need to subscribe to. We can do that for you. Let others find you. This is another a must-do thing.

Hosting options

If you don't have hosting for your website, or if you want to change it, leave that to us. We can either help you to find a new one or you can keep your website on our hosting. We will take care of all mailboxes creation as well as SSL certificates and space management. It's important to choose a good reliable hosting. Trust our judgement. We've been through this many times before we finally found good hosting partners.

Websites portfolio

Below are examples of our work. All the pages below are tailor-made for our customers and not based on templates. Click on the image for more details.

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